Welcome to Once Upon A Time Reading Tutoring… where your child’s reading dreams come true!

  • Does your child have difficulty decoding words?
  • Is your child’s reading slow and awkward?
  • Does your child have a hard time spelling words?
  • Is your child making minimal gains in their reading development?
  • Does your child need more individualized reading instruction?

If you answered to YES to any of these questions, this is the place for YOU!!

Welcome to Once Upon a Time Reading Tutoring, a place where your child will be given the one-on-one reading instruction they deserve!  My name is Jennifer Yenerich and I am the founder of Once Upon a Time Reading Tutoring. As an experienced teacher, Certified Dyslexia Interventionist and Orton-Gillingham instructor, I am dedicated to delivering the instruction your child needs to become a successful reader!

My goal is to give my students the direct, explicit, and multi-sensory instruction they need to be confident, successful readers in the classroom and beyond. 

I received my extensive Orton-Gillingham certification from the Institute for Multi-Sensory Instruction (IMSE), a training program accredited by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). 

Once Upon A Time Tutoring

What I Offer

At Once Upon a Time Reading Tutoring, I provide children with an individualized tutoring experience. My 50 minute structured literacy sessions include direct, explicit instruction using various multi-sensory activities, all based on where your child falls along the reading continuum.  From phonemic awareness to phonics, syllable instruction to morphology, we cover it all!  

Why Choose Once Upon A Time Reading Tutoring?

I am passionate towards helping students learn to read!  I will create a positive, encouraging environment where your child will gain the confidence he or she deserves.  Your child will engage in activities that stimulate visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile modalities.  Learning to read will be engaging and stimulating!  

I look forward to helping you and your child!

Once Upon A Time Tutoring

Dyslexia Stats

  • Dyslexia is not a problem of intelligence. It is not a vision problem. It involves understanding how the sounds in words are represented by letters.
  • The International Dyslexia Association estimates that between 15-20% of the population may have symptoms of dyslexia.
  • Proper instruction can change the way the brain works and strengthen pathways for reading.
  • Most people with dyslexia need help from a teacher, tutor, or therapist specially trained in using a multisensory, structured language approach. (Source: International Dyslexia Association)

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